Helping Women in Early Recovery Build Self-worth

May 25, 2016 by admin

Women in our society are faced with glass ceilings, stigma, and closed doors every day of their lives. In the Western world we are light years ahead of other cultures, but these barriers still exist in our culture and are preventing women from feeling valuable.

When you think of what it means to be a woman in American culture, what messages come to mind? We should be good wives and mothers….We shouldn’t be too outspoken or opinionated….We should look a certain way….We should dress a certain way….We should aim to please others….And the list goes on.

The problem is that these messages set women up to believe that their value is based on opinions of others and society, instead of placing value on their own dreams, goals, and needs which are consistently neglected. When our value as a person is based on the approval of others, we are constantly searching for ways to feel good about ourselves through other people. The problem with this situation is that self-worth is not conditional, it is something that every human has a right to feel, no exception.


For some, the pressure to obtain value from others is overwhelming. For some of these women the chronic shameful thoughts they experience have been present since childhood. Life has been a series of unsuccessful attempts to develop self-worth and value through other people and things. Some women turn to self-medication to escape feelings of not being good enough. Whether its alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, work, or anything else used to escape, chronic feelings of shame are too much for anyone to bear.

For women in early recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, shame can be a constant state of being. Shame exists from not only chronic feelings of not being good enough, but also feeling as though they have failed as wives and mothers. And now that they are in recovery, some also experience shame for having an addiction. Shame is a feeling that can trigger relapse. It is important to distinguish shame from guilt. Guilt is a normal human emotion that we experience when our behavior has led to a consequence that we feel bad about, such as hurting someone’s feelings. Shame, however, is a much deeper, more pervasive feeling. Shame is a feeling we experience when we feel that not only is our behavior bad, but we are bad.

Helping women develop healthy self-worth in early recovery is one of the most important aspects of relapse prevention for women. Women have to feel as though they are valuable and that their feelings and needs are important. All women need to be treated with respect and dignity by family members and treatment providers. These women will need help determining which relationships in their life are healthy, and which are unhealthy, and assisting them to set boundaries or end unhealthy relationships. It is especially important for facilities and counselors to provide treatment and assistance to these women in a way that helps to empower them, not hinder their development of self-worth.

All women deserve to feel they are valuable. If you are a woman in early recovery struggling with low self-worth, it is important to know that you deserve compassionate and respectful treatment from professionals that will empower you and help build you up, not break you down.

Author: Kristin Dickie
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Advantages to using artificial wedding flowers

April 3, 2016 by admin

Pollen allergies are just one reason to avoid real flowers for your wedding. There are so many advantages to using artificial wedding flowers as real flowers can be stressful and problematic.  People choose artificial flowers fo their wedding for a whole host of different reasons. Taking the flowers abroad is a very popular reason but hayfever, seasonal advantages and price are other good reasons to avoid fresh flowers.

So, why so so many brides opt for silk wedding flowers when real flowers have such a natural beauty? Well, silk flowers don’t wilt and die half way through the wedding day! Hot weather and cut flowers just don’t work well together and the flowers will be dead before the wedding is over as the bouquets and buttonholes are not in water. They can even die in transit and wedding flowers will often arrive on the day of the wedding, dead and wilted if they’ve not been stored and delivered correctly.

Timing the delivery is such a critical thing with fresh flowers as you need to put all your faith in your florist to deliver the flowers on time. Fresh flowers need to be prepared just before the wedding itself, kept refrigerated and delivered on the wedding day. It’s a lot of stress and worry on the day as you don’t know how they’ll arrive.  If they show up wilted and dying then it’ll be too late!  With artificial flowers it’s not such a big issue as they can be delivered months in advance, giving plenty of time to resolve any issues.

Hayfever and insect bites other reasons why so many brides choose artificial.  Not everyone has hay fever problems but real flowers can ruin even your guests day. Guests sniffling and sneezing is something that can be avoided, and so are wasp and insect attacks! Artificial flowers are sure to negate all the runny noses and watering eyes in your wedding pics.


Artificial wedding flowers tend to be a little cheaper than fresh flowers but price is just a small advantage when it comes to one of the most important days of your life.  Good quality silk flowers will not always be cheaper than fresh flowers as they are a manufactured product, so they don’t grow for free in soil, they need to be made in a factory and it does cost money to make good quality flowers.

Real flowers vary in colour so no florist can pledge that your bouquet will definitely be a specific shade of colour.  Mother nature grows real flowers so there’s no guarantee on the colour.  With artificial flowers however, you have full control over the quality, colour, size, shape and detail of every single flower. Mother nature tends to make flaws and blemishes in her flowers too, factories do not!

One of the main advantages of using artificial wedding flowers is the keepsake value.  It’s nice to store your wedding bouquet away in a box and take it out in a few years to reminisce.  For all you sentimental brides then it’s a real plus point!

There are so many more advantages to using silk flowers for your wedding but you can read more about these here:

Tips to Get Rid of Acne

March 30, 2016 by admin

When meeting someone new, or just trying to impress old friends, generally, people will try look their best. One of the ways that they try to achieve this is by making their skin look as clean and clear as possible. Often, the first thing that strangers and friends alike will notice is your face. Like it or not, if your facial skin is littered with pimples, those around you will often make unfair judgments. Sometimes people will try to mask their acne with makeup, but this does not solve the problem, and sometimes even serves to exacerbate the problem as time goes on. In order to make the best impression on others, it is a good idea to try and eradicate acne from the sources. Fortunately, there are some excellent tips to get rid of acne.

Tips to Get Rid of Acne and Fight Bacteria

  • Acne is caused by dirt and bacteria that build up on the surface of the victim’s skin. Throughout the day, people touch all kinds of objects that are infested with these same dirt and bacteria. Consequently, when they touch their face with hands, they are transferring all of these acne-causing particles only their skin, which makes it very likely for episodes of acne to appear. Thus, it is highly important to keep your hands away from your face.
  • If you do not touch your face regularly and still experience acne, the problem could be that you are not working up enough of a sweat. When you begin to sweat, it helps to clear your pores out by moving dead skin cells that can clog pores to the top of your skin, where then can be more easily removed.
  • When you do decide to work out, be sure to wear loose fitting clothing. Garments that hug the body can trap bacteria that is in sweat and cause acne to form.
  • Another acne causing culprit could be your makeup or haircare routine. Some makeup and hair care products will leave a residue on your face that will clog your pores. If you have trouble with acne, it is best to leave these heavy products alone for a while.

How to Properly Cleanse Your Skin

  • It is imperative that you wash you skin at least twice a day. Dirt and oil build up on your face throughout the day, and even at night when you are sleeping. For this reason, it is a good idea to wash you face twice during the day – once when you wake up, and once before you go to sleep at night.
  • Of course, it is also very important to make sure that you are showering regularly as well. Washing only your face is important, but as mentioned, debris and bacteria build up all over your body throughout the day. If these acne-causing particles are not removed with regular showering, they can end up on your face and cause acne to appear or get worse.
  • When washing your face and skin, it may a good idea to use an exfoliating scrub if you struggle with acne. This rough texture of some exfoliating scrubs can help to remove dead skin cells more effectively than ordinary soaps can.

Consulting a Dermatologist

  • These doctors can describe a strong topical medication such a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid which generally clears up most mild to moderate acne.
  • However, a stronger medication is often necessary for a clear face, and your dermatologist can prescribe a more powerful medication in pill form.

Why I love Dermalogica’s Cover Tint!

March 25, 2016 by admin

Me, like many girls find choosing a foundation or tinted moisturiser an absolute minefield!

No one wants to be ‘that girl’ with a tide mark around her chin because she didn’t match the shade properly, however difficult that may be! Throw into the mix dry patches, oily bits and a long list of other considerations and you can find yourself in trouble.

This is something that I struggled with for a long time, to the point where I would just not wear foundation at all as it always felt too heavy or too thick and I was about to give up on it completely when a friend (who always has flawless skin) recommended that I try Dermalogica.


I had heard of Dermalogica as a skincare brand but had not been aware that they made anything tinted or make up related and as I already used their Ultracalming Barrier repair with great success, I thought ‘why not!’.

Cover tint comes in three shades; light, medium and dark and is not what I would class as a foundation but more of a tinted moisturiser or BB cream as it is light and hydrating with a pigment rather than the full coverage you would get from a foundation. I have been told that you can use the cover tint to build up to more coverage but I haven’t done that yet.

The shades have an orange pigment so you may struggle if you have very pale skin, but I found that on my freckled warm tone skin the light was a nice match for a day look.

It kept my face hydrated and it felt smooth to the touch all day and with the SPF20 already in the product I didn’t have to worry too much about being out in the sun either.

The consistency is a little rubbery but it blends into the skin nicely, stays where you put it and didn’t make me feel as if my skin was clogged at all.

I did receive some comments on my skin when I had it on too; my Mum asking me if I had been eating better lately as my skin looked more radiant and my boyfriend did mention that my face felt very soft so the multifunctional formula must have been doing its job.

I would recommend asking for a free sample of each colour so that you can check if the pigment will match before spending out on a full bottle and a friend of mine said that she mixed the light and medium together and got a great colour for her, but apart from that I would say that Dermalogica Cover Tint is a great lightweight product that will help you get a natural day look.

Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai

March 16, 2016 by admin

One of the best holiday destinations, Dubai, is the most multicultural place on earth, and this happening, exciting and thrilling city is rapidly becoming the hub of nip and tuck. The number of people opting to get cosmetic surgery done in Dubai has tremendously increased over the last few years.

Gone are the days when people used to travel to USA, Brazil or UK to get cosmetic procedures done, these days they head to Dubai as many award winning and world famous cosmetic and plastic surgeons practice here. According to Dubai Health Authority (DHA) most of the revenue generated from medical tourism comes from cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. There are around 56 cosmetic and plastic surgeons for each million Emiratis, while the number is less than 20 per million people in USA.

The trend of having cosmetic procedures done is on the rise in locals as well, especially the younger generation. The very interesting fact is that it is not only women who are willing to get under the scalpel but a lot of men are opting for these procedures, the most common or rather exclusive for men procedure being hair transplant, but a lot of men are getting tummy tucks, nose reshaping and various other cosmetic procedures doe as well.


In this instant social media obsessed age, everyone wants to look and feel great. Getting a little work done can do wonders to a person’s appearance and self esteem. The only thing to remember is to go to someone experienced and well reputed. It is absolutely necessary to make sure that the doctor performing any of the cosmetic procedures has right credentials and proper licensing.

The cosmetic and plastic surgeons in Dubai are regulated by DHA, and Emirates Plastic Surgery Society, that has more than 150 members. Dubai Healthcare Authority issues licenses to qualified doctors for practicing and to carry out the procedures and also monitors the clinics making sure that they are run in compliance with the highest professional standards.

There are a lot of clinics offering latest and cutting edge treatments. These reviving and rejuvenating procedures range from simple non surgical treatments like botox, lasers and hair removal to complex surgeries like full body sculpturing and liposuction. Hair transplants, breast augmentation, tummy tuck and nose reshaping are amongst the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures carried out in Dubai.

The service is not limited to beautifying and age defying procedures; there are some serious medical issues that are dealt by plastic and reconstructive surgeons, like gastric banding and ballooning for patients having morbid obesity, and reconstructive surgeries for burn or cancer patients. There are centres offering these treatments with very high success rates.

The decision to get cosmetic surgery in Dubai is definitely the right one. Whether you are thinking of having a bit of botox, a little liposuction or a full face lift, the best place to get it done is Dubai, the state of the art clinics and highly competent doctors make it an ideal option.


Fashion Tips To make You Appear Skinnier using Seamless Shapewear!

February 9, 2016 by admin

Most women love anything that will make them lose a few pounds in the weight department. It doesn’t even matter if it’s actual weight they are losing or if they simply appear to be skinnier just by looking at them. Some of the ways you can go about this are considered old standards such as wearing thinking colors such as dark colors and blacks. This makes the silhouette of the body look skinnier than it actually is. Another way to make yourself seem skinnier than you really are is by trying to find seamless shapewear and body shapewear.


These “suck in” the extra fat and cellulite problems you may have started to experience on your body. It’s all about fooling the naked eye! You can also find other articles of clothing as well that can help hide access fat and weight such as support tights which are not only going to make you appear skinnier than you actually are, but they will also support your legs and feet. This is a superb option if you have a job where you are on your feet a lot because these support tights quite literally give you support in areas such as the calves, knees and ankles.

They promote things such as blood circulation which then releases endorphins into the body. The circulation also helps from getting sore muscles, it keeps you from getting aches and pains in your points, and it’s just an overall nice option when it comes to being on your feet and needing something that will give you a little extra something. To take a look at some of the products we have on our website that cannot only make you look skinner and feel better about yourself, but also make you feel better, please visit our fashion tights website at

Firming Neck Cream Products That Fight Free Radicals

February 3, 2016 by admin

Do you wonder why your aunt has those turtlenecks in her wardrobe? She probably is hiding something from the public and that might as well be that saggy skin on her neck that’s behind those turtlenecks.

Next to the face, the neck is the most noticeable area that people can actually talk about. You might have been successful in making your face look a little younger, but there is no way for you to hide that saggy appearance of your skin on your neckline. So this is where firming neck cream products are available to solve this issue.

Firming neck cream products are now available in the market but not just for display. They actually have a specific use for your skin, targeting those areas below the chin and up to your chest. Even at that old age you probably want to wear those plunging neckline night dresses that you have so you could display some skin, right? To make that possible, you need to use a firming neck cream to firm that skin.

The good news is that despite all those firming neck cream products available in the market, there are neck firming creams that would not only focus on firming the skin but also nourish your skin so healthy skin cells can be produced, which results in the skin’s younger appearance. What you need to look for are products like this.

An ordinary firming cream would focus on its general functions but a unique effective firming neck cream would be more than that. The main reason why old people have saggy skin is normal, but as a defense against skin aging, a product has to target certain issues with regards to oxidation, for oxidation is part of the problem as well.

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Likas Papaya Review

January 23, 2016 by admin

There are many beauty products to be found in the market and most of them are claiming effective solution particularly in providing the best result for skin problems. One of the problems is having natural dark skin or dark skin caused by sun exposure. Either of the two gives many people a reason to choose whitening beauty product such as soaps. These days, there are soaps that are found effective in providing a whitening skin solution within just several weeks and one of them is Likas Papaya.


What is Likas Papaya?

Likas Papaya is a product for a “Skin Whitening Herbal Soap” that is also known for being the first Filipino pure herbal soap. This soap is said to be enriched with a Papaya enzyme together with the combination of some tropical herbs which may result in whitening the skin. Other benefits of Likas Papaya aside from whitening skin are also for getting a finer and clearer skin complexion. Because of these benefits, many people are encouraged to try it too.

How does Likas Papaya soap works?

In most Likas Papaya soap review, the same results are proven and it is about its whitening benefits. It is said possible because of its Papaya enzyme and tropical herbs. These ingredients combinations are great mixtures for coming with an amazing whitening skin product in the market. Since it is made of 100% organic herbs, they tend to provide not just a whiter but also a younger and smoother skin. Using the beauty product also result into. Additionally, Likas Papaya’s organic and herbal ingredients are gentle. It doesn’t inhibit natural oil production for the skin that enables each of users of it to become young looking and make one’s face free from lines indicating the age.

What are the benefits of Using Likas Papaya?

In this Likas Papaya review, you will know what benefits of Likas Papaya soap that you shouldn’t miss to try also. These benefits are the following:

  • After using Likas Papaya, assurance of no greasy residue can be expected.

  • Every user of these soap can expect beauty while being able to save money because of its affordable price.

  • It leaves a fragrant smell on the skin.

  • Turn skin to become whiter and smoother after weeks of using it.

  • It also helps fighting acne and oily skin.

  • It can be used both for the body and face.

The different benefits of Likas Papaya serves as an encouraging reason why it is an option you can always have to turn your skin not just fairer but also younger looking. In case you also want to try if this is an effective whitening soap to be sold in the market, you can buy one and use it every time you bath. Just be reminded of few things when you use it. Do not expose yourself under the sun and use other skin moisturizing products to make the result twice great as what you are expecting for. So there you have this Likas Papaya review showing what and how Likas Papaya soap can whiten your skin.

Weddings for two

January 15, 2016 by admin

At Vals Weddings we understand that some couples do not want an elaborate wedding; so we offer the chance for an Elopement in Dominican Republic. This beautiful union is held on our gorgeous beach located in the Cabeza de Toro area, Punta Cana. It is absolutely private, so no tourists will pass along and ruin your moment. It was created specifically for an intimate wedding for two. The beach has just what you imagine in the Caribbean, pristine white sands and turquoise waters. A light breeze passes through high and low palm trees to keep you and your loved one cool. Not only will you be mesmerised by the lapping of turquoise water, you can enjoy a small wooden pier and romantic swing, great for photographs. It is truly a magical location that you will cherish and remember forever.


The Elopement can be either a symbolic, civil or Catholic ceremony. That personal decision is yours. What we purely concentrate on is you and your partner; this celebration is all about you. Most couples that join us for an Elopement have a wedding without guests – they wish to concentrate on a private wedding for two. Having said that couples that wish to invite their closest family and friends are always welcome – we can always add some extra seats!


We have four beautiful Elopement packages designed by our team of designers available. Each package includes a wealth of services; initial consultation over the phone, symbolic ceremony, round trip transfer from the resort to the beach, photo session from our state photographer, decoration, bouquet for the bride, unity sand ceremony, bottle of champagne and stereo system for the music during your ceremony.


The ultra light package is designed for couples that are looking for a romantic experience but not over enthusiastic about décor. The light package includes everything the ultra light package has, but with added extras, such as, hair and make up for the bride, extra time with the photographer, live music, extra decoration for ambience but most importantly a bottle of best Dominican Republic rum


The Deluxe Elopement package has been designed for couples that would like to include more personalised décor to their ceremony – this looks great for photos! The package also has the added bonus of beautiful live flowers and a wedding cake.

The Supreme Elopement package has everything singing and dancing!! This package is specially designed for couples that want fully personal décor, extra time with the photographer to get those all-important photos to cherish forever. Couples can choose a vintage or luxury car for some amazing unique photos.


Whichever package you decide on, Vals Weddings will truly give you the best, unique, personalized, wedding for two you could dream for. For more information on Elopements with Vals Weddings in the Dominican Republic please go

Elusive Visions Lightroom Presets

January 4, 2016 by admin

At Elusive Visions Photography we have developed a new way of processing digital images to make them look like film. Ideal for wedding photography our Lightroom Presets provide the closest possible look and feel of medium format film while drastically improving the workflow With simplified layout of only the essential adjustments for ultimate control and customization of color tones and overall aesthetics.

In the digital era the hard job starts after you are finished taking the pictures and selecting the images you are going to edit for final delivery to clients. although its hard to ignore the convenience, effectiveness and reliability of digital cameras many photographers still hold on to that look and feel of film images which is very hard to achieve this days.

The best part about Lightroom presets is with one click you can effectively modify the image to about 75% and with a few more adjustments you are done, instead of tweaking every single adjustment one by one and wasting valuable time.

Elusive Visions Lightroom Presets includes 10 different base themes so you can easily find and use the appropriate preset based on the light conditions and the look of your choosing. for sample look below.



The Other Woman

December 17, 2015 by admin

The Other Woman: A betrayed wife takes on the other woman with scandalous results (A contemporary, suspense thriller with layers of drama)

Lock out your husband, put out your pets, order take-out for dinner even, because once you start reading this book, you won’t want to be interrupted, trust me.” Amazon reviewer

#RomanticThrillers #KindleUnlimited CrimeNovels #books #EveRabi #ModernRomance

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Who is the Best Wedding Photographer in Suffolk, England?

December 12, 2015 by admin

If you are getting married in Suffolk, England, in a few weeks, chances are that you have already started searching for the best wedding photographer. The problem is, finding the perfect wedding photographer in the county is not really easy. The task can be quite confusing.

Suffolk has a number of very good wedding photographers, and each of them has strengths and weaknesses. While what is considered as best in photography is often subjective, among all the photographers who work regularly in the region Tim Driver is perhaps the most articulate and creative.


Here’s why we recommend Tim for a Suffolk wedding over anybody else:

He is a storyteller

Tim specializes in telling beautiful stories with the help of his photographs. That means, when he is at work, you can count on your wedding photographs actually meaning something, and not being just random clicks.

He is very experienced

Tim got his first camera when he was 7. It was a Kodak back then. Once he started working professionally in the business in the year 1992, he upgraded his equipments, of course. These days, he uses only the latest camera lenses and devices. With a collective experience of nearly 15 years, Tim knows exactly how to work with all kinds of weather and lighting conditions.

He knows Suffolk thoroughly

From capturing couples with nature in the background in Woodhall Manor in Woodbridge, to savouring special moments inside the Oaksmere Hotel in Eye, Tim has worked in countless venues over the years. If any wedding photographer understands Suffolk as passionately as it should be understood, it is him.

He is truly friendly

Tim can put you, your family members, and your guests at ease instantly. He has a certain kind of warmth around him that is almost impossible to resist. When he captures your wedding moments, he does not stand out as an unwelcomed guest. Instead, he blends in like an old friend.

He understands personalization

Many photographers produce the same kind of work again and again. Not Tim, though. He realizes that he cannot shoot every wedding the same way. He takes the time and possesses the patience to listen to what is expected from him in each case, and then works hard to deliver accordingly.

Hundreds of couples have admitted that Tim was the best thing to happen to their wedding, and you can be next. To see what Tim really stands for and what packages are offered to you, you can visit his site Wedding Photographers in Suffolk.

What is Wedding Insurance

November 11, 2015 by admin

We have car insurance, home insurance, life insurance and even vacation insurance, but if you are going to be tying the knot, have you considered wedding insurance? Yes, it does exist and for very good reason. But what is it, do you need it and should you even consider saying “I do” without it?

You may not want to think about it, but disaster can strike on a wedding day, and it can come in big or small ways. Everything from a damaged wedding dress to a lost tuxedo or a hurricane rolling in on the big day can happen. Is it unlikely? Sure, but things do happen. If you travel, you probably do not buy travel insurance, but if your trip has ever been disrupted by things like inclement weather for example, you already know how important insurance can be. So why get wedding insurance?


Simply put, because anything can happen. If you are going on a destination wedding and didn’t consider hurricane season, who knows what the weather could turn into. Natural disasters are always a threat no matter however you have your wedding; however unlikely it may seem. What if the bride or a close family member is injured in a car accident in the days leading up to the wedding and it has to be postponed? Unfortunately, the ‘what if’ scenarios are the exact reason we have and need insurance, and wedding insurance should be no different.

Most people do not think about wedding insurance because some vendors have liability insurance of their own. However, that usually doesn’t cover everything that goes into making a wedding a wedding; if a photographer fails to show up, a caterer’s liability insurance can’t help you. It is much better to feel protected and safe than worry that something could go wrong.

However, it’s important to know what wedding insurance does not cover because it is very different from traditional insurances. Things like injury from wet floors or a small fire started from someone being careless with their wedding sparklers would be covered by the venue’s insurance; not your wedding insurance. If it doesn’t have to do specifically with wedding events, it’s not going to be insured under your policy.

By spending anywhere between $150 and $500 for your day, you can insure yourselves in the event that something goes wrong. It might seem like a lot, but most would rather pay $500 than see what a wedding during a hurricane is like. It is a worthwhile investment and the cost of the insurance should be factored in when you begin to budget for your wedding.

Why It’s Important to Hire the Right Wedding Photographer

October 21, 2015 by admin

One thing that tends to be overlooked in the busy beginnings of planning a wedding is the photographer. While you may be able to find one to work for you last minute, often times the fees may be higher for a last minute booking and you may not have time to do the research required when it comes to picking the right photographer for your wedding.

Having a photographer at your wedding isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity and it’s just as important as the rings and the dress. It can also be just as hard to choose a photographer as it is the aforementioned items.


Don’t forget to take a good long look at their portfolios. You don’t want to have your photos not taken well or over-edited in post processing. Many photographers, if they haven’t gone to school to hone their craft (and they don’t need to in order to produce brilliant results), have trained with other photographers or have years of experience. A wedding is not the ideal time to hire an amateur photographer just to save some money.

Another important detail is what kind of wedding you are having; if it is not a traditional wedding, you’ll need a photographer who has experience with different aspects of cultural weddings. This is important because you don’t want the photographer to miss any details of the wedding. If you are working with a photographer whose work you really like but who doesn’t have non-traditional wedding experience, it’s best to give the photographer a copy of the schedule of events for your wedding day or a breakdown of moments you won’t want them to miss.

Furthermore, you need to make sure your wedding photographer can snap all of the great photos that you want in your scrapbook. For instance, if you want pictures of wedding sparklers at your reception, they will need the right type of lens and know how to set their camera properly. There’s nothing worse than waiting to see a cool picture that you requested at your wedding only to find that the photographer couldn’t deliver on the goods.

Most important of all, if you are booking a photographer and they have a contract (most professionals do) make sure you read it thoroughly and ask any questions in case you don’t understand. Signing the contract and paying a deposit will reserve your photographer for your date: don’t be stuck looking for one last minute.

A General Guideline to Choosing Wedding Dress Styles

September 15, 2015 by admin

Before setting out on your mission to look for the best Bridal salon for wedding dresses Raleigh North Carolina, you should probably sit down in your room first and make a list of all the things you want in your wedding gown. To start this off you need to look in the mirror first and assess your body type, the areas of your body you would want to show off, and the parts you would rather keep covered. List these so you can tell the wedding gown consultant these concerns when you go for a visit.


No matter what happens, let your body type dictate your wedding gown silhouette. This is a hard and fast rule: not all wedding gown silhouettes look good on any body type. Safe choices include the ball gown, the A-line, the modified A-line and the tea cut. Unfortunately, while the other cuts may look good on the catalogue, they can look horrible on you because they could show off bulges you would rather hide. It pays to wear the right underwear during fitting so you know how you will actually look on your wedding day, and these cuts can best maximize your assets. If you choose a good Bridal salon for wedding dresses Raleigh North Carolina, they will also warn you about choosing a material that is too shiny, or choosing a fabric that is too white. Off white and cream usually look better in photos.

Try not to be too trendy because trends come and go, while classic cuts stay with you forever. Whenever you’re looking for wedding dresses in the Raleigh area, always keep in mind that the trendiest gowns of our era might not actually be a good choice for your wedding. If you want an example, look at a relative’s wedding pictures in the 80s when she decided to go with a pink wedding gown that has really puffy sleeves and a mini skirt. That was probably enough to make her mother faint at that time, and to make her want to hide her wedding album from her kids today. Try to go for a more timeless cut that’s bound to stay classy even decades after your wedding day. More importantly, choose a wedding gown style that speaks volumes about your personal style.

Beadings and other embellishments put focus on certain spots of your wedding dress. A few years back, it became trendy for brides to wear colored ribbons around the waist area of their wedding dresses. Usually, this is in black, and is supposed to produce a “slimming effect” to the gown. One must keep in mind, though, that embellishments like this can put too much focus on the embellished part of your gown, so any embellishments on the waist area is not recommended for those who are trying to put the least focus on their broad waists. What you can do is to focus on the bust area of your wedding gown by putting beads there. You can also add more intricate patterns on your gown’s neck and shoulder lines so people will tend to look more at your face, and not the waist area of your gown.

The NY Bride in Raleigh has a stunning collection of wedding gowns no bride should miss out on. To set an appointment with the best Bridal salon for wedding dresses Raleigh North Carolina, call 704.529.6400. They are open from Mondays through Saturdays.

New York Bride & Groom of Raleigh is the ideal Bridal salon for wedding dresses Raleigh North Carolina for couples who do not want to spend so much without compromising elegance and beauty.

Six Questions to a Cosmetic Safety Assessment Company

September 9, 2015 by admin

Nowadays, those wearing make-up take it for granted that the products they apply to their skin are safe. And, not only to their own skin, but also to that of their children and babies…

We caught up with some of the ELEMENTS team in their Dublin office to find out what it takes to have safe cosmetics on the market…

1. How long have you been assessing the safety of Cosmetics?

ELEMENTS was formed in 2014 because there was a huge demand for experienced cosmetic safety assessors. We have 3 toxicologists in our team, with one having almost 20 years experience across different industries, including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Combined, there’s a total of 15 years experience assessing the safety of cosmetics. We offer all services required to assess the safety of cosmetics.

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5 Best Collagen Creams

August 25, 2015 by admin

For those who don’t know what collagen is – collagen is a vital protein abundantly found in the bones, muscles and skin of a human body. Collagen plays a significant role in maintaining the integrity of the skin, and aids in keeping strength and firmness of the skin. Unfortunately, as we grow older, the production of collagen along with other proteins tends to slow down. 

The skincare market is flooded with skin creams that contain collagen; however, many of the collagen creams are all marketing gigs and produce very less effective results. Let’s have a brief look at the best 5 collagen creams available in the market.


Snowberry New Radiance Face Serum

If you aspire for healing the damaged skin including the replacement of scar tissue and restoration of skin’s strength then you must opt for Snowberry New Radiance Face Serum. Key aspects of this serum are its ingredients: copper peptides, sodium hyaluronate and glycerine that aids in moisturizing the skin, fighting the radicals and of course, stimulating the growth of collagen.

Just spread the serum thinly over the face in the morning and evening on daily basis.

Kollagen Intensiv

Kollagen Intensiv has managed to get in the good books of many all over the world. It is known to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin in order to stimulate collagen production. Unlike other creams, Kollagen Intensiv doesn’t contain collagen molecules, which are often a form of animal extract. Conversely, it contains herbal extracts and other synergistic ingredients that promote the skin to produce collagen safely and naturally.

The ingredients are all natural, organic and clinically proven along with no known side-effects. Check the reviews on Kollagen Intensiv before you decide whether this is the right collagen cream for your or not.

St. Ives Facial Moisturizer

This is another popular and effective collagen stimulating cream that is loved by many men and women. It comes at a reasonable price and generous quantity. Presence of collagen in this moisturizer will help your skin to produce eternal effective results.

St. Ives Facial Moisturizer is known to contain collagen and elastin proteins that aid in developing softer and smoother looking skin. This Swiss based moisturizer contains all natural and harsh-free ingredients. Read the rest of this entry »

Beauty Tips to Apply Before Bedtime

June 26, 2015 by admin



Life as a woman can be hectic and sometimes even too busy to pamper you may think, but believe me, it is necessary to take care of you not only for the sake of your beauty, but for your health, hygiene and self-esteem.

If you spend some time every night taking care of your skin, the benefits outweigh the time you devote to this little ritual. Always remember though that the exposure to the sun, sweating and the exposure to other air pollutants during the day can damage the skin. At night, the skin is able to absorb the demand of the excellent skin-care products without interference by external factors. The pores of the skin are in need of special creams and moisturizers to be rejuvenated and repaired.

Here are some great tips to follow:

Never, never, never go to bed with makeup
• In order to achieve that young and fresh skin, use a moisturizer before going to bed for the night
• Use a scented lotion in order to calm mentally before bedtime
• Use a wide-toothed comb on your hair in order to increase to the blood circulation of the scalp

Makeup Removing

Make-up cannot last long , apply it when you start your day in the morning , but after a long day at the office/work when you come home tired, it might seem like a tedious task to take off that lipstick , lotion, powder , foundation, liquid eyeliner and eye shadow before you crawl into bed. You should forget any excuses and never go to bed wearing makeup. It is the worst thing you can do to your skin.

The reasons:

If make-up stays on the skin overnight it cause blemishes or acne
• Dirt and bacteria clog the pores and cause skin damage
• your skin will not be able to breathe well with the make -up left on it. It creates a barrier between the air and the skin blocking the natural skin’s breathing.
• The skin ages faster

In order to avoid skin aging you can use a facial cleanser to remove your makeup effectively and after that a moisturizer or an anti-aging cream as a beauty tonic.

Other tips
Avoid sleeping on satin sheets and pillowcases. Why this? It helps to avoid any extreme friction between the sheets, hair and skin. It reduces the chance of hair breakage and skin folds that can cause wrinkles in the future. Wear a lip balm at night. This protects your lips, keeps it soft and prevents stripping.

Mingle and Mansome

June 24, 2015 by admin

Mingle and Mansome is designed for men and women who have the intention of taking the extra mile to look younger by reducing signs of ageing and blast bags also from below their eyes.

Their products are innovative, have an ulta-light feel with loads of fragrance and produces bold results. They will help you live long, look good and remain strong.


Mingle is a makeup line founder in 2011. It makes use of high performance and natural based ingredients. It is made for women who are looking for natural based and long lasting cosmetics with a bold color and results; cosmetics which are gentle on the skin and lips.

The ingredients used for mingle’s cosmetics will plump your skin, increase the production of collage, help your eye lashes grow stronger and longer over time.

I would recommend them to any woman who wants to eat three square meals, wear an awesome red lipstick, kiss your friend goodbye and hello, and drink plenty of water daily without having to worry about the color of the lipstick fading out.

Image is important and should not be underestimated because a greater part of the perception you have about yourself is dependent on how you are perceived by others. Mingles makeup will help you in controlling what image you project about yourself.

Mansome is an innovative skincare line for men which offers high performance and high quality results with entirely natural ingredients.

It was founded in 2011 by former model Steve Higgins and beauty expert Tina Haggins who wanted to think outside the box and change the way men take care of their skins and the result was legendary.

Mansome offers products which reduce redness and puffiness around the eyes and at the same time lock in moisture and boost the production of collagen.

Please feel free to visit them at and see what products they have on offer!”

How Many wigs do I Need?

June 23, 2015 by admin

Being a wig wearer means you have the luxury of changing your hair style as often as you like, without too much trouble or any expensive trips to the salon. But just how many wigs do you need?

The number of wigs you own is mainly down to your own personal choice, however many people find that having at least two wigs is better than just one.

But how many wigs do you personally need?

Cancer Patients:

If you have lost your hair due to cancer treatment it is likely the hair loss is only temporary. Within three weeks of ceasing cancer treatment, you will begin to grow a “soft fuzz” where your hair has fallen and within two months your hair should be around an inch long, although it may be a different texture or colour.

One wig should be more than enough to disguise your hair loss during your treatment and the awkward regrowth stage that follows. Some women decide two wigs is better for them for a variety of reasons – some women simply want the luxury of being able to switch between styles, whilst others want to have something to wear whilst the other is being washed and dried and a few women decide to use two wigs as to have one “up style” and one “down style”.



Being Transgender is something to be proud of, and is becoming more and more acceptable in many societies. After years of keeping their identities secret, women such as Caitlyn Jenner have inspired a whole host of people to be honest about who they truly are, without judgement.

Having a collection of wigs is essential for any transgender woman who wishes to extend her personality through her hair. It gives you have something for every occasion, whether it be a night out, a first date or a day in the office.

Many transgender women find having a small collection of wigs, including a selection for meals and nights out, a selection for every day and a selection for special occasions such as weddings and business meetings, is perfect for expressing themselves every day.


If you wear a wig for fashion, how many you have completely depends on your personal preference. If you only use wigs for nights out, having a small collection of synthetic wigs would be perfect for nights out and special occasions, if you don’t wear a wig every day.

If you wear a wig for fashion, but wear one every day, you might be better suited with a small collection of both human hair and synthetic wigs. Opting for human hair wigs might be slightly more expensive, but if you wear them every day, they are worth the investment.



If you suffer with alopecia it is likely that your hair isn’t going to grow back for a significant time, if at all. This means your wig collection can be as big or small as you wish. Building a collection over the years will mean you have the perfect style for every occasion without having to head into the salon every time – however, it doesn’t mean you have to have 30 different wigs, two will be more than enough for most people.

Short Evening Dress

May 6, 2015 by admin

Wearing a short evening dress is an ideal way for a lady to let the world admire her beauty when attending an informal party. Evening wedding gatherings are especially great occasions to wear such a dress. An evening dress not only helps a lady highlight her personality in an elegant manner, but also allows her to maintain an air of understated sophistication throughout the evening.


Among the many websites that sell gorgeous evening dresses, Ricca Sposa is a name that has a certain reputation attached to it. With an interface that gives a user a sense of comfort, and a mesmerizing collection of evening wedding dresses to impress, the site is a must visit for anyone looking for something great to wear.

Each and every evening gown featured in the site is uniquely stylish. And that is the reason why even the pickiest of women find satisfaction when they visit Ricca Sposa. Actually, the designers of the dress maker take into account the differences in tastes of different people. As a result, the site is able to offer dresses that posses the power and charm to impress women from every walk of life. Different neckline styles, like strapless, sweetheart, and high are available. Different sizes are also easy to find. A lady can even buy dresses based on her desired figure type, and her preferred floor length. And as far as silhouettes go, the site offers empire, mermaid, A-line and a number of other options.


Even though many online wedding dress stores totally forget to respect quality guidelines, Ricca Sposa truly cares about quality in everything it does. And hence, the fabrics and colors used in its dresses have a certain level of brilliance. Even those women who are extremely hard-to-please can find their dress of choice when they visit Ricca Sposa. Every dress designed by Ricca Sposa adheres to the latest fashion trends, as well. So, when a lady enters the room wearing a dress bought from the site, nothing looks out of place. Everything just looks right, as well as feels right! Read the rest of this entry »

Couplez has a mission, making top quality diamond jewelry affordable to everyone

April 10, 2015 by admin

Yep, that’s what we said, to seemingly opposing concepts in one sentence – “diamond jewelry” and “affordable to everyone”.

Up until now, buying a piece of diamond jewelry usually involved paying out big bucks for small stones. The luxury of buying those stunning pieces worn by the stars and the rich and famous was something that most of us could only dream about. And with a flawless diamond costing tens of thousands of dollars for a single carat – who could even dream?

Well, dreams can come true and “Couplez” is in the business of doing just that – making it possible for just about anyone to buy a piece of genuine diamond jewelry for as much as 50% less than in your high street store.


couplez diamonds logo

Couplez – bringing fine diamond jewelry with reach

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first heard their claims – diamonds costing 50% less! But after some research and checking around I realized that the folks at “Couplez” not only mean what they say, but they also deliver.

My first question was how can they offer genuine, certified diamond’s at up to 50% off list price? It turns out that the answer is simple – they sell clarity enhanced diamonds. For those of you who have never heard this term before and may be worried – these are absolute, genuine diamonds, produced by Mother Nature over millions of years. Like the vast majority of diamonds, they have small, almost invisible imperfections and flaws that effect their value.

Along comes “Couplez”. Using advanced technology, their hand selected, hand cut, conflict free diamonds, are treated to make these tiny imperfections invisible to the naked eye. The process doesn’t harm the diamond in any way and doesn’t harm its natural color and brilliance. In the end, a diamond that costs a whole lot less than the equivalent flawless diamond – looks exactly the same!

couplez diamond ring

Build your own jewelry

What I really like about their on-line store is that for every piece of jewelry they have on sale, you can customize it by selecting the metal for its setting, the total carat weight, the cut and the quality. So basically, you have endless combinations to play around with until you design your own perfect piece of jewelry that is within your budget.

Here’s how it works. The site displays all its basic designs – engagement rings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond bracelets and a range of diamond gifts. You select the basic design and then start playing with it. Select 14K or 18K white or yellow gold, the total carat weight of diamonds and their quality range. Voila, you have designed your own earrings, bracelet or engagement ring and get an immediate price.

Shop in confidence and security

The cherry on the topping has to be the unbelievable efforts that “Couplez” make to ensure that every customer is a satisfied customer.


  • Diamond experts on hand all the time to help.
  • All diamonds are certified by the International Gemological Laboratory.
  • 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.
  • Free international shipping and insurance.
  • A lifetime warranty – free repairs for ever.

Need I say more? I suggest that you click on over to the “Couplez” site and see for yourself – it’s one click you’ll never regret.

Floral arrangements and bouquets for all occasions

April 6, 2015 by admin

Delivery of flowers is fast becoming the best way to send flowers. The does not require shipping the flowers to a floral shop, number of days delay before being picked up for sales, and lots of handling of the flowers. It is possible for you to place your order any time in the day and also during the week. You can also make purchases for floral arrangements and bouquets for all occasions right from your personal computer.


Many online websites for flower delivery can also allow you to set up delivery time for flowers all through the year by making just one purchase. The pricing is cheaper and you can also see the arrangement and make a selection of the exact flower you have in mind.

Buying less expensive flowers is quite easier when they are bought on the internet. With just a few clicks, you order will be on its way to your specified address within a short time after you have browsed through the website to make a choice of a flower and other things you might need.



The next thing after that is to consider the shipping policy, cost, terms and conditions and other things. If you want huge amount of flowers for an upcoming event, you need to make bookings in advance with your supplier. Make sure you examine the order carefully before confirming it and be sure to look at it very well. Also, properly check the products and descriptions, you may have forgotten something or maybe accidentally added a particular item that you do not need. Read the rest of this entry »

Photo Booths are a great addition to your Wedding Party

March 31, 2015 by admin

Having your own photo booth during your wedding party or wedding reception is a good idea as you get all your memorable events on this important day in your life the way you want. Social Photo booth is one of the best photo booth Ottawa and they have launched their service recently in Toronto also. With the facility to have a photo booth Toronto they are your ideal choice for having the right photo booth rental when you have your function in and around the Toronto area.

When you have their photo booth at your function they offer many valuable photo related services. They use the most advanced dye-sub printers to make and deliver your photo prints at a faster speed of up to 9 prints per minute. Due to this your guests need not have to wait for getting them to be photographed. This means more time for them to get along with other guests. This photo booth Ottawa is social media enabled so that your guests can easily share their photos and images on Face book, Twitter or through email even during the party. This adds more to their fun of attending your wedding.


With their Photo booth rental they offer a host of services that will add more value to your money. For instance with their photo booth order you are able to get a fully functional guestbook or photo strip with your personalized logo or images, or text combination and create an album with messages of your guests at the function. This puts all your memories in record for eternity. They also provide the facility to download all the images of the event in full resolution so that you can view them at any time you want. If you do not want to make your event viewed by general public they can password protect it and make it personal to you and your guests.

Another good feature of their photo booth rental is the ability to deliver all the images they recorded during the function in a USB drive so that you can take them with you to your honeymoon and enjoy them in your privacy. They add more fun and utility to your wedding function through their video messaging facility. By using this guests at your wedding party will be able to record their greetings in the form of a 10 second video. Read the rest of this entry » Announces The Release Of Its Latest Collection Of Wedding Dresses

February 24, 2015 by admin

Would-be brides can now have unrivalled access to an exclusive collection of vintage, classic, luxury and celebrity wedding dresses by visiting

Any would-be bride who is looking for the perfect wedding dress has just had her search simplified. This is courtesy of a recent announcement by – a tire 1 distributor renowned for its exquisite collection of celebrity dresses – recently announced the unveiling of its latest collection of wedding dresses.

The collection consists of the richest variety of wedding dresses online. The dresses come in a wide variety of lengths, designs and price ranges. In terms of length, there are knee-length, ankle-length, tea-length, floor-length, chapel train, sweep train and cathedral train dresses. In terms of design, there are strapless, one-shoulder, v-neck, A-line and many others. In terms of price, there are wedding dresses which cost as low as $100.99 and those which cost as high as $499.99. Basically, there is a wide variety to select from.

According to sources at, their major goal is to make finding the perfect dress very easy. This is why they have such a rich selection of dresses. All the wedding dresses are made out of the highest quality fabric such as tulle, organza, taffeta, silk, chiffon and satin. There is also a wide variety of colors to choose from – as well as a customization option which ensures every woman gets exactly what they want.


One of the most popular categories of dresses in the collection are the celebrity wedding dresses. These are dresses which are inspired by the designs worn by celebrities during their weddings. Among the top dresses in the collection are those worn by Kim Kardashian, Kate Middleton and Amal Alamuddin (George Clooney’s wife). actually announced a new system through which a wedding dress worn by a celebrity can be available for purchase a mere 7 days after the wedding. As such, whoever desires to get the latest celebrity wedding dress can acquire it without much of a hustle. This is an opportunity which no would-be bride should miss out on.

When all is said and done, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. As such, everything has to be picture perfect, because there are no reruns. This means that the bride has to find the perfect wedding dress, so as to look attractive, elegant and glorious. has just made it easy for any bride to find the perfect dress of their dreams. No one should miss out on this opportunity.

Whoever wants to check out’s wedding dresses online or to place their orders can do so by visiting the website, Read the rest of this entry »

Wedding Band Last Request

February 6, 2015 by admin

A wedding is usually a memorable and fun event on its own. There are things you can do to spice up your wedding ceremony. A live wedding band can spark up the excitement more than anything else will do. Many young couples are beginning to realize how live bands can bring about lots of excitement among guests at the occasion and transform a simple ceremony to a memorable occasion. However, hiring a live wedding band is not always as simple as it may seem at first. You cannot hire just any band and expect to get the best for your occasion.


Hiring the best of wedding bands may not be as easy as hiring a local dance band, it requires some level of contemplation and careful shopping. Fortunately, the task of finding an impressive live wedding band has been made effortless with the assistance of a competent booking agent.



If you want your family, friends and guests to enjoy attending your event there is no better way to make this happen than hiring a live band. A reception where guests do nothing more than remain in their seats discussion can be quite boring. In such a situation, all they will do is to look forward to the meal to be served and when they are done eating, will exit the venue as soon as possible.

Last Request London is a live band which has a glamorous track record of featuring in more than 300 wedding ceremonies for 10 years running both in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. They also provide corporate musical entertainment for EC Harris, ICD Funds, Virgin Media, Disney, Lovells, Harvey Nichols and Mcann Erikson.

Last Request has a mind blowing selection of tunes and the experience to make your ceremony a memorable experience whether it is a high energy party band, wedding ceremony or a drink reception.

Hurray, Come and enjoy in my wedding

February 4, 2015 by admin

Avv471Small-img-8Indian wedding cards are famous in India as well as all over the world. Take a bird view eye of past years; you may remember that several famous celebrities and well known persons came to India for their wedding functions. Basically they belong from European culture but they choose India for their marriage place. This is because that India has strong traditional culture background and the entire world knows its popularity. There are several reasons which differentiate Indian culture from other cultures. The way and procedure of wedding dresses, rituals, venues, dance rituals and especially wedding celebration are very important causes which make weddings very awesome.

Once you’ve selected the wedding date you have to do other works. Now you have to inform your invitees about marriage date and other related function time table. So we cannot ignore the wedding cards for any ceremony. Wedding cards are same like letters in which we request to join us in our happiness i.e. wedding ceremony. Apart from that, wedding cards will cost only a single part of whole money incurred on wedding. So we cannot ignore the value of wedding cards. So you just need to allocate the amount for wedding cards for your memorable day. Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing Engagement rings

February 3, 2015 by admin

Although most persons look for something different and at the same time unique, some individuals prefer to put on a traditional type of ring to reflect a simple personality. A simple engagement ring is an example. People still choose simple rings instead of the modern ones. Something simple can be made to look elegant when it is personalized.


A simple engagement ring can also be unique if it is personalized as well. The option of personalizing your own engagement ring includes choosing a unique ring band and setting. Then engraving or carving your personalized message also. You can carve your name, or your spouse, memorable dates, a sweet message such as “I love you”, an animal, object, or any design of art. One’s personality is best expressed by the art of carving.


Artcarved engagement rings are quite popular when it comes to the choice of ring preferred by women, just because it is simple. Women in general just put on a ring if it is their engagement ring. It has to suit them comfortably if they are going to cherish it. It has to be a ring of high quality.

There are myriad of choices for artcarved engagement rings such as celtic and Greek rings, milgrain, art deco, pattern, texture and two-toned. Any type of metal bands is preferable. A two-toned carved ring is also desirable. It is often a combination of white and yellow gold.

The knot pattern is well known design for Celtic rings. Milgrain engagement rings has distinctive edge features to compliment the entire band, Greek rings represent Greek and ancient designs, texture displays different textures which are carved around the ring, art deco is an architectural and decorative style.

When choosing artcarved engagement rings, ensure that you go for a metal band of high quality. An engagement or wedding ring with good quality can really last for a life time.




Best Fabric for Custom Made Suits

October 27, 2014 by admin

There are several fabrics available for you to choose when you are choosing an online tailor and custom made suits. Each fabric will make a suit of different quality and texture. The fabrics don’t come at the same price. So which is the best fabric to choose when you are ordering for a tailor made suit at ExclusiveSuit4You?


If you are not limited by funds, a pure cashmere suit is the one for you. This is the finest of fabrics available currently on the market for suits. No other fabric will give you a softer suit than this material. It is quite durable so you will have it around for a couple of years.

Cotton fabric is another pretty good choice you can make. This is a tried and tested fabric, which many of your clothes are made from. It is long lasting and the big spaces between its fibers allow for free flow of air so you never feel overheated.

Another common yet very stylish fabric you can choose is wool. This has been an option for centuries and will be here for a long time. You can’t buy a suit to wear in a cold place and not either make it purely wool made or a wool blend. It keeps you warm when it is cold and will allow for air circulation when it is hot for a cooling effect.

Silk is another fabric available to choose for a custom tailored suit. This is yet another naturally occurring fabric; therefore you can be sure when you are wearing this you are not doing any danger to the environment. What’s more is that silk-made fabric is very comfortable when you are wearing it, and you will never have to take it off when it hot or cold.

Looking for a tailor made suit to wear in outdoor activities in a hot area? Think of choosing linen fabric. No other fabric beats this one when it comes to lightness. No matter how hot the environment is, you will not feel the heat more than a person wearing a light shirt. This fabric allows free air movements.

These all are pure fabrics but it is common practice to find different fabrics mixed together to give rise to a new hybrid fabric. There are many of these in the market which are good and from which you can choose. They are mixed either to reduce the price or just to make a better and durable fabric than the ones for the pure ones

You Can Save a Lot of Money with Artificial Flowers for Your Wedding

September 16, 2014 by admin

wedding flowersEvery woman imagines her wedding day as perfection – there is the wedding dress, the lovely entourage, the reception and her bouquet. The wedding bouquet may be the central element to the whole event. The theme is carried further by the flowers decorating almost everything during the wedding, from flowers along the aisle, to the flowers at the reception. The wedding practically blooms flowers all around.

A wedding is a celebration of life, and the union of two people. It is a community celebration as well, with friends, colleagues, and relatives invited to the affair, for the newly wedded to couple to share in their happiness, and for the guests to witness the event. A wedding is not truly a wedding unless there is the love of friends and family around the couple. Without it, it becomes a piece of legal document waiting to be shared and announced to the world.

The ceremony itself is full of symbolisms and meaning. The main theme is usually white symbolizing purity of purpose and love. The flowers symbolize the new beginning of spring. The ring symbolizes never-ending bonds and a love that is meant to be forever. The doves are for the couple that are bound for life.

Traditionally, flowers are placed everywhere at a wedding. This means a lot of flowers. For practicality’s sake, it would be better to use artificial flowers for some of the spaces. Silk wedding flowerscan be as great looking as fresh flowers, and they can be cheaper as well. The beauty of artificial wedding flowers is in the placement. With properly placed silk wedding flowers, volume could be achieved, while keeping the costs lower. These could be placed at mantle pieces, along the aisles during the ceremony, at the background or along walls of the reception. Whenever there is no need to put fresh flowers, the artificial flowers can do.

How Should to Look When Auditioning for a Modeling Job

August 29, 2014 by admin

84074_1FD9C76F-0388-4712-4435D03FD7D01CF5Modelling is not an easy job and considering the number of contemporaries that are trying to leave an impression, the task never gets easier. There are only a few modeling auditions that come your way and thus it becomes important that you perform nicely in these auditions. For starters, you must have a light make-up. Often up and coming models do the basic mistake of coming with a heavy make-up. This practice should be discontinued and the model should use light make-ups, preferably of lilac or brown color.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that the model should not wear too much of flashy clothing. However, this does not mean that the clothing should be loose or ill fitted. The clothing should be tight enough, so that the casting director can have a good look at your curves. Often white t-shirt and blue denims are considered the best possible options. Much of tattoos should be exposed, as it can kill the character the casting director is looking for.

It is extremely crucial that your reach for the audition well before time, as it indicates that you are an out and out professional and not just a Madonna wannabe. Be confident and yet avoid being cocky, as this field is all about networking. Last but not the least, your nails and your hair should be in great condition, as they reflect your grooming index.

Thus, if a model takes care of the aforementioned tips, then there is no reason of her being not able to leave an impression at the audition.

Wedding : Do You Really Want to? This May Help You Decide!

August 26, 2014 by admin

Wedding comes with its whole package of anxieties, worries and yes, phobias! (If you are single at 30 you are labelled as ‘commitment phobic’!) But you might have your own reservations. That is why in this article we will shed some light on the burning topic (ouch!)

Well, it is indeed true that marriages are not all about “happy ever after stories”. But it does not mean that they have no share of bliss, adventure and learning; in fact, marriages are the most intense and sacred bond between the two individuals who come together to share the glories, the gloom, the up and the downs, the thick and thins, the happiness and the sorrow; together. Such is the beauty and miracle of this connection.

In India, marriage is all about starting a new chapter of life, a new journey, of course according to our Vedas it is the beginning of the Grahastha ashram, the second stage, the family life. It is the spiritual journey of growth and learning that takes its shapes with increase in acceptance, tolerance, responsibility and accountability. (Do you hear ‘compromise’? You better replace it with ‘adjustment’ if you want to get hitched soon )Like all the beautiful things in this world; a beautiful and wonderful marriage need its own time, patience and volition to grow and the full bloom of this fruit laden plant is magnificent!

You are bound to discover the challenges of the family life, to ensure the sanctity of marriage we need love, loyalty and understanding. Indubitably, Wedding is most important relationship that a human can have because it happens only once in life of anyone. It is binding of two souls together for rest of their lives and they will be there for each other no matter what are the conditions and situations. It is a bow that both husband and wife takes to share each and every moment of happiness, sorrows and feeling of love unconditionally. As wise man says “couples are made in heaven”.

As stats shows two people together can live healthier, happier, longer (!) and better life compared to singles, that is why it is recommended by everyone that you should get married in order to feel the heights of life that a single person can’t even imagine. Marring will give you chance to get a lifetime friend who will be there for you to share every responsibility. You can witness that all the things written in books that you made jokes of in bachelorhood are real although they can’t be expressed in words. (It does happen with all the marvellous experiences!)

Therefore, to witness all the possible things that human beings are capable of accomplishing and enjoying, marriage is the gateway that opens to the cornucopia of love and sacredness which is bound to enrich your life for good. So don’t hesitate in gobbling down the ‘Shaadi ka ladoo’. It’s time to expand your wings of human existence and hold the hand of your life partner to seek the glories of emotional understanding and of course companionship!

Well, If you do decide to take the plunge, we at Venuepick are here to hold your hand and find you the best Banquet halls in Delhi for your marriage venue. In addition, we can help you find great Wedding Photographers in Delhi as well. Dont want to do all the hard work? No problems. We have a list of great Wedding planners in delhi who can take care of every nitty gritty for your special day and make your marital journey fun and easy!

How to Going Online for Your Wholesale Clothing

March 8, 2016 by admin

The advent of information technology has really revolutionized how business is carried out nowadays. Getting good deals on various items such as clothes is amazingly easier and more straightforward than it used to be. With just a few clicks, any interested clothes dealer can get wholesale clothing from anywhere, around the clock. More and more shoppers and dealers have resorted to online platforms where business activities are now carried out with commendable convenience and efficiency. Entrepreneurs who deal with wholesale clothing have enjoyed all sorts of benefits and have been able to save great amounts of money by transacting online. For every serious wholesale clothes dealer, information technology is an integral part of their business which they have embraced with zeal. However, there is still a portion of wholesale clothes dealer who have not adopted this technology due to lack of information about what is expected.


Buying wholesale clothes online is really simple and is not a preserve for some individuals. Anyone can utilize the online platform and make a change in how they do business. Online platforms are advantageous in that they link millions of buyers and sellers from all corners of thaw world and there no physical stores or offices are to be rented. By buying your clothes in bulk, online dealers will offer discounts in addition to their low prices. This will reduce your costs and enable you give favorable prices to your customers and make great profits.

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Nose Piercing

February 20, 2016 by admin

It is not surprising that piercing one part of the body or another seem to be the trending the considering the beauty it adds to wherever part is being pierced especially if the piercing was done by a professional, with a quality jewelry to complement the good piercing work.

The decision to pierce the body is just one phase of the seemingly long journey of piercing the body. Other important factors or phases will include, who will be doing the piercing your body, the kind of jewelry to be worn, and the part of your body you want to pierce. All the considerations stated above are of great importance to get a beautiful piercing work, especially when you consider the somewhat permanent nature of piercing the body.


Nose piercing is one of the most popular forms of body piercing and most people regardless of the age love to have their nose pierced to enhance their beauty. As the nose is a conspicuous part of the body and anything put on it becomes obvious to the world, it is important that people that intend to pierce their noses take it one step at a time.

From the selection of the “piercer”, to the kind of nose jewelry to wear, every step of the action should be carefully considered before decisions are made. One has to be sure the artist doing the piercing is an expert in this field and the tools used are sterilized and safe for piercing.


The next step after the selection of an artist is the kind of nose piercing jewelry to have on. Nose piercings usually come in two forms – the straight piercing with a bulged end and a complex one with hooks at the ends.

Nose rings and studs come in different sizes, colors, and decorations. For quality and beautiful nose rings, Qpiercing is the place to be. With different types of nose rings to choose from, buyers are able to select their choice nose piercing jewelry to bring out their beauty and accentuate their personality.

The Wholesale Business of Classical Music Memorabilia

February 2, 2016 by admin

Classical music is known to have the power to carry you away to another world. As classical music is capable and moving, great and sweeping, or close and personal, the established classical music memorabilia allows the listener to touch that other world. Music memorabilia refers to the items such as signed album covers, photos, tour jackets, drumsticks and the like. The wholesale business of classical music memorabilia is at a booming stage and if you are thinking of entering into this business, then you are surely heading towards bolstering your good fate.


Think about it how much money you can earn if you have the stock of limited edition of signed music albums of the famous classical musician. People will pay any amount to purchase them. But when it comes to wholesaling, the scenario is different. You are not selling these collectibles, rather distributing them in your re-seller’s supply network for further sale in the market. So, the challenge here is not to stock what the audience loves, rather to identify those collectibles for which you can find re-sellers.

Obviously, the re-seller’s demand will also be based on the audience taste and preference. To play big in this wholesale business, you need to perform some backward integration. Backward integration refers to the supply network concept of laddering a step down and be the manufacturer yourself. When it comes to music memorabilia, you are not manufacturing something; rather you are collecting the rare items, associated with music, which your re-seller will be interested in stock in. So, eliminating the manufacturer point in the supply chain and building strong business contacts with music artist will be a great add on to the output of your wholesale business.

As far as distinguishing yourself from other wholesalers in this memorabilia business are concerned, you need to take care of certain parameters.

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How to Choose Extensions for Your Wedding

December 30, 2015 by admin

The use of hair extensions has exploded over the past 10 years. In 2015 alone, 1 in 4 women had tried hair extensions at least 1 time. Technology has made it possible to wear extensions not only for length but also for volume/thickness. Thanks to hair extensions, you can have the hair of your dreams – like today.

As with any trend explosion there are lots of companies scrambling to jump on board in order to make a quick buck. We had the chance to speak with Christopher Box – a hair extension expert and Dallas TX salon owner. Here are some things you need to know before getting any type of hair extension.

“ I have been in the hair extension business for almost 20 years. When I opened my salon, The Beauty Box Salon & Extension Bar, I wanted to create a place that was all about educating people on the art and science of hair extensions. You should know that not all hair extensions are created equally. You really need an expert to help educate you on what is best for you. “

Here are my Top 10 Things to Think About When Researching Hair Extensions

1. What is your budget?
2. Decide if you want human hair or synthetic.
3. Human hair costs more than synthetic. Good human hair isn’t cheap. Ever.
4. Are you a clip in girl or are you looking for permanent?
5. What kinds of clip in extensions are available? You should definitely check out Halo Hair Extensions.
6. What kinds of permanent extensions are available? Fusion, Cold Fusion, Tape, Locks & Sew In are the most common.
7. What does Yelp have to say about the place you are purchasing from?
8. What is your lifestyle like? Are you extremely active?
9. Do you like to style your hair?
10. Book a consult with a reputable salon.

The Beauty Box Salon & Extension Bar may be based in Dallas, however, they have an excellent blog dedicated to all things beauty and Dallas Hair Extensions! Check it out – This is a great place to start your hair extension research no matter where you decide to go.

How to Have a Successful DIY Wedding

November 23, 2015 by admin

When it comes to that special day, it should reflect the personality of the couple. Fantasy-themed, elegant or eclectic weddings are becoming the norm for many couples who want something memorable. Even for those who desire something simple, here are ways to become your own wedding planner.

The first matter to determine is money. How much is available to spend and if necessary, how much can realistically be raised to meet a certain milestone. Often couples (or the bride) go for details that seem small at first but add up to large numbers by the big day. By having financing in order first, this can help save face when the final invoices arrive.

The second matter is to create a book that is both functional and visual. While many brides pore over wedding magazines filled with ideas about the special day, a three-ring binder (or e-folder dedicated to wedding details) should contain the following –

  • 50-100 sheets of college or wide ruled paper
  • A business card holder or email folder for wedding contacts (optional)
  • 3-5 individual folders (or subfolders) labeled: contracts, invoices, and ideas with estimate costs
  • 10-15 sheets of blank or graph paper

Ruled or lined paper can be used to write down details including appointments and contact information. This may seem routine but sometimes discounts on products are available through a specific contact or with other information like promo codes that may be difficult to remember.


Contracts are one of many areas where the bride-to-be can experience conflict. Often a minor detail can cost extra money or work in favor of the bride should something not pan out as planned. Either way, it’s best to keep copies separate from other financial matters or where it’s easily accessible.

The same rule applies to invoices, as these are also legally binding until the final balance is paid, or the agreement is cancelled. Ideas from books and periodicals should be kept together. By copying or scanning pages with the items desired, this uses less physical space than having books and magazines piled up.

While event and wedding planners are experts in knowing how to use event space and manage crowds effectively, the bridegroom (or person making the plans) will have to take a crash course involving handwritten notes up until the big day. Often these mistakes are innocent but noting details along the way can make the day go smoother.

Two areas to note are event space and traffic. This affects how food and drinks are served as well as guests’ overall comfort. For large groups, consider dual lines at the buffet tables for shorter wait times. Also, arrange seats so that differently-sized or disabled persons will have enough room to get around.

While there are books that can act as a template, another money-saving alternative is to use a wedding planner new to the industry. It’s possible they will volunteer in exchange for a testimonial for their business. Prospects can be found at adult schools or colleges that offer event or wedding planning courses.

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Follically Challenged?

November 18, 2015 by admin

Why is my hair falling out?

There are many factors that cause hair loss. Heredity (male pattern baldness, and female pattern baldness), stress, hormonal issues, medications, trichotillomania, monilethrix, many other forms of alopecia, and of course chemotherapy.

What solutions are available?

There are many solutions for men and women’s hair loss or hair thinning. The non-surgical options available are tailored to each individual’s hair concern, and many make it possible for them to wake up with hair, shampoo their hair, and continue living their lifestyle normally, including swimming, sports, and working out. These high quality human hair systems offer a very natural look.


Another option is a high quality human hair wig, which is usually the best solution for chemotherapy patients.

I am embarrassed by this condition, and have procrastinated about seeking help.

Hair loss can be a devastating condition. It needs to be handled delicately, and with discretion, by professionals with empathy and understanding.

Hair replacement systems have come a long way, baby! 

Where once people had to resort to stiff, plastic like wigs and obvious toupees in order to mask their hair loss, the modern approach utilizes attachments that blend invisibly with the wearer’s actual scalp. 

They create an undetectable front hairline! These superior systems allow a natural part and the ability to swim, shower, play sports, work out, and even wake up with hair as if it was your own! 


Whether it’s a small patch on the back of the scalp, or crown, or an entirely new head of hair, there are solutions that fit all degrees of hair loss or thinning so you can look and feel natural, and no one else will know! 


Headline Studio has been providing these non-surgical solutions since 1993 in a warm and empathetic environment, with separate rooms to ensure privacy and confidentiality. Let us work with you to find the best solution for your particular hair loss challenges. We offer a complimentary, confidential consultation with our professional staff, to provide you with your best option.

Our goal is to give you the ability to live your life naturally, and resume your lifestyle, as well as your hairstyle.

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